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We are one of the premiere retailers of Lance products.

We specialize in those cute scooters that look like Vespa's, but cost a fraction of the price.

Our scooters are all DOT Approved so they can be driven on any roadway.

Our scooters are also a great fuel efficient vehicle alternative -- getting anywhere from 60-80 MPG.
That's better MPG than a Hybrid or Prius.

There are four different models to choose from --
each with their own unique look and feel so here's the model breakdown:

Lance Charming 50cc Scooter

This 2 seater is the smallest of the pack, but by far the cutest.

If you've had your eye on the Vespa S, then you'll love the stylings of the Lance Charming 50cc Scooter.

Lance Charming 50cc Scooter is perfect for putzing around the city, zipping to downtown, or hitting the beach. As a 50cc, it has a little less horsepower than it's 150 cc brothers and sisters. It tops out at 30 miles per hour --

So if you are looking for speed, you may want
to try these below.

Lance Venice 150cc Scooter

This little baby has speed, a compact slim european style, and the smallest wheel base of our three other 150 cc scooters.

The Lance Venice 150cc Scooter is the "intro" model of the 150cc's, so is the least expensive and the most popular among younger riders.

You'll be able to zip all around in this lightweight 2 seat scooter.

The Lance Venice 150cc Scooter a great alternative if you've been looking at the Vespa LX150, but are horrified by the price tag.

Lance Vintage 150cc Scooter

Speed and Style combine on this model with a wider wheel base and larger seat than the Lance Venice 150cc scooter.

If you like the detailing and style of the Vespa GTV, GTS, and LXV, but want something that costs a quarter of the price, look no further.

The additional weight of the Lance Vintage 150cc Scooter gives it superior handling and allows it to handle curves with extraordinary safety.

If you are looking for something with a little more seat room, stability, and cool styling, this is the scooter for you.

Lance Milan 150cc Scooter

The Lance Milan 150cc Scooter is our flagship scooter. It's larger seat, wider wheelbase, larger tires, and weight gives it improved handling and safety.

It's roomier than the rest with ample space for you and a friend to take an extended trip to the beach -- or to the moon.

If you've been wanting a Vespa, but can't find one that is large enough and stable enough, you should check the Lance Milan 150cc Scooter out.